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Seems like theirs works with 34T cassettes too. Not sure why they recommend using the 40T only with the 34T cassette.
Most likely this:

"They also do not recommend using the 40t with 36t max cassettes - best to stick with the 36-to-42 and 34-to-40 upgrade patterns. Why? The ramp patterns aren't optimized for transition between the two"

Good that they are getting in the game with this. I will be looking into getting their 40t. I would have got one of their front rings but settled on a RF n/w 30t ring because I needed help with chain line which this one has integral spacers at the thru bolt lugs. will hopefully take care of. Otherwise it would have been an e13.

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I read that. First thing I thought was more marketing.

Friend recently got a Shimano specific Wolf Tooth GC and I can't tell the difference in shifting vs my OneUp 42T. I'm running XT and he's got XTR. Except his chain comes off when backpedaling. We both got hardtails. I swear the differences are more perceived than anything else.

I do have a couple 9 speeds waiting for a 40T.
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