It's been an interesting year for e-mtbs as demand and acceptance continue to rise. Almost all manufacturers now are offering an ebike and new releases seem to garner as much or even more attention than traditional mountain bikes. User sentiment and trail access are evolving as well as more riders make plans for buying an e-mtb or at least approve of their use even if it's not what they choose to ride.

But the picture is not so rosy when it comes to price and availability of these e-mtbs. In a year of supply chain issues, e-mtbs seem to be a focal point of the problem as demand seems to far outweigh available supply. Backorders and waiting lists are common as these top bikes are simply not on showroom floors. The used market is just as impacted even used bikes demand premium prices, sometimes more than their original purchase price.

In no particular order, here are our Top 10 recommendations:
Orbea Rise $7000- $11000
Specialized Gen3 Levo $11000- $15000
Canyon Spectral:On - $6300 - $9000
Trek Rail - $5600 - $13000
Santa Cruz Bullit - $8500 - $13,300
YT Decoy - $6000- $8000
Commencal Meta $5600-$8200
Norco Range VLT - $6700- $10300
Yeti 160e - $10,100 - $12700
Specialized Kenevo SL - 9000-$15000

Available bikes through our partners:
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Yeti 160e - Yeti Cycles 160 E C1 SLX e-Bike | Competitive Cyclist
Santa Cruz Bullit - Santa Cruz Bicycles Bullit MX CC R E-Mountain Bike 2022
Santa Cruz Heckler - Santa Cruz Bicycles Heckler CC X01 Reserve Complete e-Mountain Bike 2021
Orbea Rise - Orbea Rise M-Team 20MPH E-Bike 2021 | Jenson USA
Aventon Aventure for $2000 - Aventure Ebike
Aventon Pace 350 $1300 - Pace 350 Step-through ebike