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e.13 SRS. What spider bolt/spacers do I need?

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So I just got my new e.13 SRS+ after waiting 3 weeks for beyondbikes to completely unimpress me. Anyways, I've just found out that my old crank spider bolts and spacers are WAY too short for the bashguard and 32t ring. Anybody know what I need to buy to get the job done? For some reason I just figured e.13 would include new ones since stock ones obviously are too short to work with their bashgaurds.

I have XT Hollow' cranks by the way.
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Okay so I figured out I need the 15mm E.13 bolts. My new question is, aren't these supposed to be included with the set?
You do not need the older 15mm chainring bolts, they are for the older supercharger not the turbocharger that you have, that is why they are not included.

Some stock two ring bolts will work (I assume those are the ones that e-13 tested, as they claim that stock bolts work), some seem to be a bit short (shimano IIRC). The old 15mm bolts would be WAY too long for the turbocharger.

You should not be using any spacers with the bash...just the chainring bolt and nut. You will need them to be about 8-9mm.
I have XTs, so Shimano bolts, and they BARELY are long enough for the bash, let alone the 32t ring. I guess I'll go down and measure exactly what I need.
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