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Good afternoon folks!

Since there are no bikes available and I am itching to get deeper into the sport I decided to do what I can to be more ready when bikes become available.

Since I have never been a gym rat I need to have some guidance while fitness training. Of course the google nanobots heard my thoughts and immediately prompted me with an Instagram AD for with their "slogan"
Boost your speed, strength and endurance!

Strength training and injury stretching routines specifically for common cyclist issues and muscle imbalances plus some more odds and ends seems like a decent deal $85 a year for access to what looks like a multitude of programs.

Well I am 2 weeks into the 3 month long intermediate strength training routine and it seems I am just repeating the same few moves more or less for each workout. Making me skeptical about the perceived variety that drew me into sign up for the year.

It's too soon for me to say if this is indeed a good deal but was thinking maybe some of you have had experience with these routines. Did they work for you?

Anyway I didn't see any other threads about this website so figured I would start a discussion as I work my way through what they have to offer.

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