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DW Sultan has arrived!

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Well my DW Sultan arrived Saturday morning. I couldn't build it until today. Wow, she's nice. I haven't ridden it yet and won't get to until Wednesday am. Lets see if I can post pictures.

Larry Mettler is top notch!

Frame: XXL Raw
Weight: 7.40 lbs (frame/shock)
Bike weight: 29.49 lbs

I'll do a complete list in the setup thread when I can.

I also have a '08 that I will give comparisons to after I have ridden.

'09 Sultan





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nice ride!

like this "original" raw more than the one seen on a suspenion tuned spot.

how tall are you?

I like the raw as well. Not worried about scratching nice new powdercoat. I am 6' 4". I am on the small size for this frame but I have ridiculously long arms and legs. My proportions seem to fit this size well. I rode a XL at Interbike and it seemed too small.
Nice looking bike! In that size it looks like a 26er!

Mine will be a similar build in XL. Was hoping the weight would be a little less, but don't want to get crazy with the parts. Can't wait now that I know they're out there!
Most Excellent...............yeah , I never would have guessed that was a XXL frame bcuz it looks so nicely proportionate ! :thumbsup:

I'm expecting a XL DW Sultan one of these days from Larry as well but with a PC finish...............can't wait !

Let us know how she rides ! Thanks ! TIG.
I'm 6'4" and am looking at an XXL. It is very nice to have such a sweet bike that will fit me.
I have a long torso and there are few bikes with a long enough top tube for me.
Anyway, that is a sweet build and mine would be very similar.
Coming from a Cdale Prophet, most front triangles seem noodly. I would very much appreciate some feedback on the front end stiffness when you get a chance to ride this beauty.

and thanks for the pics.

Oh and I tried to get Dave to give me the wheelbase measurement and he never did. Could you do me a huge favor and measure it for me? I will be using the same fork at 120mm.
Wow, even with that being an XXL the standover looks really decent. That is one fine looking build, have fun getting it dirty.
Looks great!

I have to also echo that at that frame size those wheels look like they're 26 inches. What you need is a 32er.
Yogi, the wheelbase is 47" on my '09 (axle to axle). My '07/'08 XXL is 47.5" with a
100mm Fox fork. Hope that helps.
Am I seeing things or is that a Reba on your Sultan?

stew said:
Yogi, the wheelbase is 47" on my '09 (axle to axle). My '07/'08 XXL is 47.5" with a
100mm Fox fork. Hope that helps.
Awesome Stew! Thanks very much.

Look forward to hearing about your ride experience and Sultan comparison.

What is the weight?
Re Sweet

Err, never mind...29.9 pounds

Looks like a Spot with a Judy...:D :D :D

If i were 6'4" i'd probably ride a DW 29er :) Sultan too.
I must say that that is the perfect mix of Shimano components.

You're not gaining anything worthwhile in the weight department, but you saved some bucks and gained some functionality/longevity.

Good move.
Buzz said:
Am I seeing things or is that a Reba on your Spot?
No, that's an F100 on his RFX . . . :p
You could fit an entire Carne Asada plate in that taco! Nice ride.
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