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ashwinearl said:
That is a good one, thanks! Just the photos and captions and very educational in themselves.

I was really surprised by this paragraph:
Weagle is certainly not alone in his opinion, either. Jon Whyte has been a bicycle suspension designer for years and was a suspension designer for Formula 1 cars before then. In his view, developing Formula 1 suspension was relatively easy in comparison: "with an F1 car, you have 850 hp, and if something is a little inefficient, it's not the end of the world. With a bicycle, you have 1/3 hp to play with so can't afford to waste anything. In F1, if you're 5kg over weight, you carry 5kg less ballast. In a bicycle, if you're 0.5kg over weight, everyone knows about it."

I was also surprised by all of the DW/VPP linkage designs out there.

That Ibis looks gorgeous in orange... I would want to put it in a gallery... nah, I would want to ride the snot out of it.

Mr. P
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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