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In this time of delays and missed deadlines, I just wanted to come on and throw a quick shout out to the awesome people at DVO. As I was getting ready for a 2 week-ish road trip, I discovered that my Sapphire had developed a crown creak. I contacted DVO and for sure they would take care of it under warranty, but they quoted me a 5 week turn around. I was bummed, but not surprised. It's the way things are right now. I sent it in for the warranty work and went ahead and had them do a full service while it was there, figuring at least it would be here when I got back.

I sent it in on a Tuesday; tracking showed that they received it that Thursday. Well, imagine my surprise when I got an email the very next Thursday saying my fork was on its way home! I had it in time to mount and dial-in before my trip.

Great gear, solid company, awesome service! I appreciate y'all over at DVO. That is all.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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