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I recently bought my dv9 off of pink bike. While the bike looked in excellent shape and it is, not a scratch on it. It has no rebound knob. So off to google and I discovered that this is quite a problem with the step cast fork. One fellow even had his break off twice.
Has anyone on this forum had this happen and how have they dealt with it. My lbs will send it to Fox for me, however I’m wondering if there is a better fork option out there. Looking at the really thin shaft the knob was attached to makes me wonder if I want to stick with Fox.

On another note I’m finding this bike a little sketchy in the corners, meaning the front wheel feels like it’s going to wash out. If I’m understanding sag correctly , more sag will give me a plusher ride but sacrifice cornering. Less sag will increase the harshness but help with cornering. Last nights ride got better once I rode more aggressively with more weight over the front end. I weigh about 140 lb and am curious what you guys would run for sag?

The bike has knobby nicks for tires, something I’ve never ridden before. This is my 4th Ibis and I’ve only ever ridden Minion Downhill Front on my bikes. It also fits me really well, at 5’10” with a 50mm stem the large is perfect. I appreciate your help.

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