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Hey Durango---

Looks like we've nailed down a ten day working vacation. We need to find either a one week vacation type home, or a hotel / suite type set up-- preferably near the local riding.

We'll be doing some recording of an artist in whatever lodging we get, so we'll need something fairly spacious ( like an embassy suites?) or a little house/cabin type situation.

we'd also be into doing a little time/home hosting swap if anyone here may have the room, and be interested in carlsbad Ca?

any info would be great.. no luck googling hotel suites/etc. Is there perhaps a ski hill nearby that would have lodging with this type of set up, but still be near good single track?

we hope to ride mornings till noon, then work 1- 10. late august

thanks for any help! [email protected] if you'd like to email directly.


Craig Zarkos


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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