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Wed. nite is our regular meeting nite for Pisgah Area SORBA.

So while you are out riding your bike, local PAS (local SORBA chapter) folks will be meeing and planning out how we can make things better for local ride venues in 07 and beyond. Unless of course, you want to join us:

I will be leaning hard on you SC riders this year to join PAS and do your part in helping to maintain the trails that you ride as much as locals up here. In DuPont, 40% of the riders are from SC. Great, we are willing to share our trails (your tax dollars did not buy the land so we are sharing) but we need your help in working on these ride venues.

PAS has big plans for 07 with major work projects planned for DSF,Bent Creek and more.

Stay tuned and get involved.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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