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Dumped by my Nevegals, Please advise

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Nevegals dumped me, any advice?


So I'm riding with a Talas 130 up front and a stack of spacers under the bar. I have a Nevegal 2.3 in the front and the 2.1 in the back.
Both crashes were at speed in soft pack taking very mellow turns aggressively when the front tire washed out with absolutely no warning and the next thing I know I'm in the dirt. This was the 2nd time in a month. It's starting to hurt.
Is there any advice out there for me?

My ideas are:
1. O.K. I admit it; both times I was sleep deprived and I'm 39 years old now.
2. The Nevegals have no early warning when there about to wash out. (ie. Maybe you can recomend another sticky pref. ust tread that doesn't suddenly dump you).
3. I'm not weighting my bars enough with the Talas on full extension and the stack under the bars. (ie. Maybe I should take out a few spacers so there's more weight on my front tire as I'll then have more weight forward).
4. It's time to quit technical riding. Sorry, but the confidence level is low after those out of the blue falls.

Let me know,
ps. my weight is 162
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Front and rear tire pressures?

Stem length?

Picture of the bike from the side?
I had the same thing happen a couple of months ago...

I hit a mud slick over rock. I had ridden them the week before and they worked well on normal terrain and loose dirt climbing and fast DH runs. I was setting up a new bike on my second ride, and I lowered my stem a little(repositioned my spacers). The front end washed out while just starting a DH run. I went down and slammed my shoulder and elbow on the rocks, breaking my arm. I have repositioned my stem higher again. I replaced my tires, but they worked so well climbing, that I'll probably try them out again(they are so light). I have a Talas also, but on a Mojo.
That's weird too - I had the same thing happen to me when I was walking around a bike in the parking lot that had Nevegal's on.........I just fell over for no reason!

Must be the tires.........
Which bike and how many mm of spacers? What rise is your bar? What pressures are you running on your tires- are they tubeless?

I'm not a tire-washout expert and without knowing any of this, I'd say if you were running a high psi (maybe 35-40) with a ton of spacers, your front tire would be prone to washing out. You have little weight on it and yoru tire is too hard, thus not conforming to the ground very well.

I run tubeless tires at around 30 psi in front, sometimes 28 or so.
jokermtb said:
That's weird too - I had the same thing happen to me when I was walking around a bike in the parking lot that had Nevegal's on.........I just fell over for no reason!

Must be the tires.........
...funny! ...but your point is true...

Slick mud on rocks is going to be a challenge for any tire.

I'm of the opinion that the Nev's have about the best side-bite of any tire I've tried...but that's just me...

"...a mellow turn aggressively..." ????
xjbebop said:
I'm of the opinion that the Nev's have about the best side-bite of any tire I've tried...but that's just me...
I wouldn't know, My Nevy kept rolling over before ever getting to the side lugs. I think it's a squirmy, rolly, spineless piece of crap.... but that's just me. :D :p
Bikezilla said:
I think it's a squirmy, rolly, spineless piece of crap.... but that's just me. :D :p
'zilla you really should learn to say what's on your mind. ;)

I have been using the ust nevs for several seasons (mostly desert riding) and I love the ride but am looking to find a replacement that does not wear out so quick.
Yeah, I'm just trolling while waiting to ride. My opinion of them is based on rather specific conditions. Lots of folks love em.
Nevegals are not great for rocky areas...imho


From the photos that I have seen over the years, you are riding in a pretty rocky area most of the time. I've been less than impressed with my Nevy's on the rocky, rooty trails. On the regular So-Cal dirt, my tires ride great. I run the 2.35 DTC's while tubless on my (this is not an invitation for the masses to harass me) Ells Moment. I generally run them at about 32psi (minimum) and they track great for the terrain here. Yes, they are a tad flexy on the sidewall, but that is what you get for having a fairly light non-UST tire converted to tubeless. The sidewalls are much thinner since they are made to be used with an inner-tube. If these were an actual UST 2.35 tire they would be pretty damn heavy. If you want them to not flex, you could use a tube or just run a higher pressure while running the conversion to tubeless. Comprimises, comprimises... Not the fastest, but definitely a great all around tire in these conditions despite their negligible flaws. BTW, when you gonna make it to So-Cal??


You may want to try the Nobby Nic's from Schwalbe. I have read and heard that those are better for the rockier terrain and a very good all around tire. I haven't had any personal experience on them as of yet though. Shiggy is a tire junky. Maybe you can get him to chime in and get a different angle.

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Yeppers, NE under an agressive clyde.
I just bust balls on the Nevy b/c it was the tire du jour for so long and when I got it, I was disappointed. I only ran it with a tube... cranked the PSI up to about 45 still squirmy and had less traction.

I'd love to see myself in SoCal... I'd also love to see Andykiller out here for a reality check. :rolleyes: :p :D :D
Your Nevegals Dumped you?

Glad I dumped mine long ago. But not because they had no, grip, because they had too much grip. The sticky rubber has a rolling resistance of molasses, cost too much and wear out too fast. Of course that is my opinion and my terrain.

I'm a hypocrite because I'm riding kinetics now!
The guys at All Mountain Cyclery in Boulder City strongly recomended them for Bootleg Canyon even though they were sold out. I've never tried them but it was down to the Nev or Rampage and I'm going with the Pano's.
YTC said:
Nevegals dumped me, any advice?
Ditch them.

I know lots of people won't run anything else, but they didn't nearly live up to my expectations. They always skated on me and didn't grip worth anything. Granted, I didn't have the sticky compound, but I couldn't rail into corners on them without the front or rear breaking loose. They were especially bad in slick conditions.

I replaced them with Panaracer Fire 2.1s (XC rig), and the Panaracers are performing fine. There are lots of great options out there. I've heard nothing but good stuff about Schwalbe tires, too.
Nevegals are only good on certain bikes and conditions.

I've only found the 2.5 DH version to be worthy, the single ply ones blow nuts.

They kick ass in wet conditions, but suck in dry/loose/over hardpack. Another thing to remember is that the Nevegals like a slow entry into corners, but can be pushed hard after the apex. They also hold a straight line better than any other tire, but are not the best in corners. My 2.5 DH version has never even flinched when plowing through wet roots/rocks/

A better tire with more initial turning bite is the Maxxis Minion DHF (use the front tire on both end) in both 2.35 and 2.5.

Big Betty gets good reviews for a folding bead too.
I found the Nev to have huge cornering grip up front, and little or no warning between full-stick and full-slide.

Back to Panny's for me. Every Panny tire I've ever ridden -- regardless of its other characteristics -- has shared one thing, which is gradual breakaway up front. Maybe a little less ultimate grip than some other tires, but you can easily and consistently push right up to that sticking/drifting limit. Fire XC, Fire FR, Cinder, and currently the Rampage.

No first-hand experience on this, but I've heard the same of the Schwalbe Big Betty. Maybe SSINGA will chime in, as he seems to be a big fan of that tire.
I never had a problem with the Nevegals. I rode the 2.35 DTC on the rear and they worked great. They are one of my favorite rear tires.

I've been running the Geax Sturdy on the rear (2.25). They were working fairly well, but they suck on loose dirt. I've been going down some steep trails..... so steep that you don't even consider stopping. You just hope to get enough control from the rear to allow you to steer. The Sturdy does not work in those conditions. I've been getting lessons in bailing from those tires:rolleyes:

The Nevegals do... and so do Weirwolf tires.

It's funny. The tires are so terrain and rider specific. I don't think the bike matters in choosing tires.... unless they plain won't fit.

I'm not riding now, and won't be for a couple of months due to an injury, so I'm deeply involved in UGI:thumbsup:

New brakes snf larger I've been tweaking the drivetrain. I'm playing around with different rockers and shocks. My RFX is on hold since it's hard to justify $2+K when you can't even ride.
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Well I have rode Betty hard from Bootleg to the rockies and she has never left me unsatisfied.
I’ve been using Nev’s as a rear tire with Blue Grooves up front. Both tires have similar tread patterns, but the BG has larger shoulder lugs and longer central lugs. To my mind this combination of features make the BG a better option up-front than the Nev. I have a Nev on the front of the Surly 1x1 and there is not a lot in it, however, I will swap it out for a BG at some stage just for the extra peace of mind.

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