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Sorry, new at this and never really paid attention to SS bikes. I recently bought a Surly Lowside frame. I built it up with gears, but may want to go SS as it was intended at some point.

I bought a Surly Snuggnut for chain tension. It says it will also keep the wheel from slipping forward. Question is......Do I need a Snuggnut for the non drive side to prevent the wheel from slipping on that side??



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Not a dumb question. The idea is that force being applied to the rear cog can tend to also pull the axle forward and is why they only put a Snuggnut on the drive side. I have a Karate Monkey and the Lowside has the same dropouts, which when using the thru-axle, Surly recommends 16nm of torque. That equates to 141.6 in-lbs, which if you actually put a torque wrench on that 5mm bolt, seems pretty tight and I imagine the Snuggnut is mainly a precautionary measure. It does help make fine tuning chain tension easier. I run one just on my drive side, do a lot of climbing with standing and mashing on the pedals, and have never had an issue with the non-drive side slipping.

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it won't hurt but one should be OK.
two is ideal then you will never have any alignment issues

on any SS I always have two adjusters, 'cuz I can find a way to exceed the
grip of the axle fastener eventually and then I am out of alignment. no BS with two
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