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Dumb-a$$ long ride Sunday anybody?

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I figure nobody but a Leadville racer getting down to their last two weeks of
training would be interested in this, but perhaps there are a few more of us
out there?

I am planning a gonzo-long ride Sunday. The plan is 5.5 hours. The goal is that
most of that will be riding time (i.e. I won't be making frequent 1/2 hour stops.)

My plan is to ride from the Carter Lake area, where I live (near Berthoud, between
Longmont and Loveland) to Horsetooth Park up East of Ft. Collins, ride around the
park once, then ride back.

I've done this ride several times before. It's always fun, particularly when it's hot. :)

For me, this is in prep. for the Lt100 bike race coming up Aug. 14th, or I'd just
drive to the park and ride. (;o) [It's about 25 miles one way, give or take a little.]

Any other crazies out there that don't already have plans? Beer and BBQ at my
house after the ride (with copious beers!), and no, that's not part of the training.
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