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My 2003 Duke has gone bad. I can pull the arch upwards about 2cm without any effort, the shock then does not return to its original travel. I can push the lowers down and the shock returns to its original travel. When I ride it there is a clunking sound from the left leg. It sounds like the spring inside has gone bad. The shock does not lose air and can still handle the bigger bumps at slow pace alright but over the little high frequecy stuff it feels like no fork at all. I have done 12000km on the shock. The bushings have been changed and feel ok. The rebound seems to working but doesnt feel great. I dont know if the left leg problem is causing the rebound to malfunction a bit.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong with such a simple system. It feels as if there the spring is not what it should be. But before I pull it apart any suggestions would be of great help

Thank you all
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