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DUC32 slow rebound?

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Hi All,
Was out for some snow riding with a friend yesterday and had a quick ride on his Giant Reign and aside from my 10lb weight advantage, the main thing I noticed about his bike was the rebound speed of the Lyrik forks.

I haven't ridden many forks to be honest, and love the DUCs, but after riding the Lyriks for a while, I did feel that the rebound on the DUCs was a little on the slow side, even with the rebound adjuster all the way out.

Is this something I can tune myself easily or am I owrrying about nothing!?

Although with snow this deep I am sure it wouldn't have made much difference!!

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You would have to remove the damper cartridge out of the drive side leg, and change the oil out to a lighter weight, 5w or 7.5w. Fox 7w oil is closer to Finish Line 10+w.
If it was super cold, every suspension fork is going to act slow as the oil is 'thicker'.
Maybe slow is good? :)

Though I have my own weird thing now. I broken my right thumb and tore some ligaments in the summer. When I started riding again my left thumb started to hurt (and the right thumb, but that makes sense as there is a ball of scar tissue in it still). That thread makes me wonder if I should slow down my rebound, but most likely it is just b/c I am over compensating or something.
It was probably the cold. I wouldn't bother tuning it until you get to normal temps.
Rebound/hand slap

I think that banks is correct! Cold just kills the stock oil in the DUC, which is 7wt. But its viscosity change at lower temps seems worse than other brands. A good 5wt, Rock Shox, Spectro, Torco... will reduce temp sensativity and increase rebound. I feel most people run too much rebound (slow) this will increase the hand slap/ache.
Running less compression will greatly help hand/thumb issues as well as faster rebound not slower. The Lyrik runs well due to its shimmed rebound, so its returning faster into its stroke not slower. The DUC32 is not shimmed, so needs to be compensated by oil weight.
/|\ All good suggestions & info AND...

The other simpler thing to check on your fork is that the air pressure is pumped up when the fork & air are cold. Is your buddies Lyrik air or coil & if air, what does he pump it up to? Compression & rebound characteristics don't change much in the cold with a coil but air pressure goes down as the temperature goes down. I.E. If you pump a fork up to 85psi in a warm room than take it out to a 20 degree environment those air molecules will shrink & the new measured pressure will be more like 65psi. This would definitely slow down rebound. Especially combined with the oils viscosity going up.
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