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DUC 32 climbing knob turns damper knob

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I've got a DUC 32 tied to the front of my RX 29er and have been enjoying it for about two years. I've not done any service yet (haven't needed to!) and recently noticed that when I turn the climbing mode knob, the damper knob also turns - this happens in both directions so I suppose it evens itself out but I don't remember this happening when it was new.


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Mine has always done that and looking at the way the two fit into each other I am guessing it was designed that way. Given the stiffening up of the fork that happens when you engage climbing mode I would suspect the small adjustment in rebound damping has little effect, however I could be wrong :thumbsup:
Mine does it, too. Considering how little effect the damper adjustment has... not an issue for me.
thanks for the confirmation!
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