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DUB bearings

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Edit since I can't delete: found some.

I have a Wheels Mfg DUB compatible BSA threaded BB. Due to my own misunderstanding of how the cranks were supposed to be installed (I didn't use spacers because I thought the preload adjuster was OK on it's own) the bearings are contaminated. I found the preload adjuster to be completely backed off, which allowed the red seal to wiggle around loosely, and had been riding through water and other wet fall conditions. So, totally my fault.

Anyway I'm planning to try to repack the bearings, but I'd also like to get a spare set. The spec is "6806/29" which seems to be relatively rare (most 6806 bearings are 30mm inner diameter). Wheels doesn't seem to have them (I have not contacted them directly yet, just looking on their site), and also cannot find them on Enduro. I did find a set at Universal but nowhere else. Is there another source or a secret way to find them that I don't know about?
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Oh F-no. That's one thing to not order some cheap **** with.
Hah... just providing some options since the OP asked. I've actually used Fushi bearings and found their quality to be quite good for cheap ****. No doubt one can debate the virtues of going cheap when replacing bearings but I've found that more expensive bearings are not necessarily of better quality... there are too many variables to assume cheap = bad.

Here's another option: Nukeproof Bottom Bracket Bearings DUB (For BSA BB) | Chain Reaction
Thanks guys! I didn't go that cheap. Or at least I don't think I did.
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