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Hey all,

I have recently gotten into MTB as a fitness and health option while dealing with my stage 4 cancer. I started with Marin Bobcat 29er hardtail to hit some local trials, and after upgrading it the best I could, I quickly realized I needed more bike and bought a FS enduro and have been riding lots of downhill and more extreme trails for the past several months. I have fallen in love with all of this. It has helped in my cancer fight so much!

Here's the problem though.

In a few weeks, I'm scheduled to have surgery on my liver to have some tumors removed and an internal pump installed to handle some other tumors/cancer that I still have to deal with. This means I have to hang up the big bike and the downhill/offroad riding for quite a while (6-9 months, doctor's orders).

However, I still have the hardtail and I want to get it set up for riding on the road and eventually some light trail/XC riding. Right now I have a Maxxis DHF front and an Ardent rear tire on it. While great on the trails, they are terrible for riding on the street and I don't really want to wear these good tires down on the pavement.

What kind of tires should I go with? I had thought about some gravel tires, but I'm just not sure what would be the best for the street as well as some light trail/XC riding.

I don't want to buy another bike. I want to get this hardtail set up to be able to ride on the road so I can get some miles in and some exercise. Any other suggestions are welcomed!


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First, I wish you continued success in your battle.

For what you are seeking, take a look at the Schwalbe Smart Sam. They are designed for the use you are discussing. You will give up traction in the dirt, but get better rolling resistance and longer life than a typical cross country tire which would have a softer compound.
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