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DT X470 riders, how wide a tyre are you using?

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What width are your tyres? They seem quite narrow, any problems with the bigger stuff?
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I just bought a set. The person I bought them from 2.2 or so easy. 2.4 possible.
I swap between a 2.3 Exiwolf and 2.4 Racing Ralph on my X470's. I also use a 2.25 RR on the back... No problems so far. The 2.4 RR still has a massive contact patch considering the width of the 470's. Couldn't imagine what the tyre would be like with a wider rim...
I've got a 2.2 nevegal on. I'll be trying a 2.25 or 2.4 rr soon... i'll let you know how it goes. :)
:) I have some 2.2 Ardents lined up and was thinking of trying the 2.4 when available. Keep us posted guys:thumbsup:
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