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DT to Delirium, rider input

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Hello, I am sure this has been asked before, but can't really seem to find sold input. For those that have made the switch from the old DT to the new, what are the main riding advantages/disadvantages you have noticed between the two? I ask because I am looking to build one up, more towards the freeride end of the abilities, but I am having a hard time choosing a used or new. Thanks in advance.
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There have been a number of us (Dominator, Woodyak, GaryM, amongst others) that have made the switch from the DT to the Delirium. We all feel the Delirium is a better bike, but the DT still remains a very solid bike.

I am aware of only one Delirium being sold (which Dom bought and then lost;)) and the seller already owned a Podium and didn't want both bikes. My buddy who has a DT has been looking for a used Delirium and hasn't found one. I doubt anyone is going to sell their Delirium. The number of used DTs are associated with many folks getting Deliriums, as some point this well will dry.

The bikes are solid, which ever bike you choose, it will last a long time!

I have nothing but positives for the Delirium.

Check out some of Dominator's (Delirium) and Craigstr's (DT) posts...

They are hitting big stuff on the bikes - Dom hits a 40 foot gap jump and a 10 foot plus drop on the Delirium.

I used my Delirium in Whistler and Northstar, many folks have used the DT in the parks.

The Delirium/DT will handle a lot!!!
I had 2 seasons on the old DT and used it for everything from all day XC to full on DH riding. I purchased the new Delirium the first season it came out and have a full season under my belt with that bike. Either frame would make a great dedicated freeride bike.

Both frames feel very similar to each other. Both feel very stiff and burly. The suspension feels the same and they both pedal really well.

The Delirium gives you more of a centered feeling while the DT feels more like you're riding off the back of the bike. This really helps with AM riding and for those long days of pedalling. I've also found the centered feeling helped me rail berms and DH stuff better. As far as freeride stuff goes the DT seemed a little more forgiving since I felt more over the back of the bike but now that I've adapted to the center it's fine for me.

As far as technical differences go. The DT had adjustable chainstays which was a nice feature while the Delirium does not. The HA on the Delirium is about 1 degree slacker. The Delirium is about 1 lb. lighter than the DT.

Finding a good deal on a used DT shouldn't be too hard. A used Delirium will be difficult to find. You might see some go up for sale after the Chilcotin starts shipping.
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Wrote this for the Vtach to Podium thread a few days ago... Edited and added a boat-load of content for this thread...

Background. I started with a Mark4 DT from 2007, ended with a Mark5 from Dec 2009, then got the new Delirium from the first run spring of 2010. I am riding the Delirium and have no plans to change for anything. I ride one bike and this is the one.

I find the difference between these two bikes the same as described above. The Delirium-T I found I rode more off the back of the bike, on the Delirium I find that I am more centered - and yes that "over the bars/front-end" feeling can be a bit disconcerting at first, especially in the tech steeps.

The Delirium is faster than the Delirium T, but the DT is a bit more comfortable in the slow techie stuff. Riding off the back feels a bit more controlled than over the front. My experience and opinion - so your mileage may vary. As for XC ability the new Delirium is better than the DT - again the in the middle with the steeper seat-tube pays off here. ( especially noted in long climbs ) The DT rocks for tech climbing. I especially like the adjustable drop-outs - something I do miss on the Delirium.

I think the Delirium flies a bit better than the DT, but it did take a bit to adjust to the different riding positions whilst airborne. It has more pop and is a bit livelier. I think the DT handles "Oh $hit" - going into plow bike mode in the rough better than the Delirium. May be the weight and the off the back position, but I'm more comfortable screwing up in the rough on the DT.

The DT is a super solid bike that I would still be on happily if not for the Delirium. Noel has fixed all the nigglie points I had with the DT while making very minimal compromises in some areas for the better overall performance.

...the DT is sold and I'm building it up for my best friend as I'm on the Delirium full time as the one and only. Even so I will be sad to see it go. But at least I will be able to take it for a spin when desired.

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Thank you guys for sharing your experience/thoughts. They both have there strong points and week(if you can call them that) points it seems.
glad to see some one asking this, as i also wanted to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on how the 2 bikes compare, i am toying with the idea of goin from a dt to a delirium,.
one question i would like to know though, with the new delirium being more centred, do you find it makes the bike more chuckable in corners. one thing i seem to struggle with on my dt is leaning the bike and twisting the hips when cornering, i always feel i am too far off the back. does the new delirium with its tweaked geo feel easier to lean into corners, (hope this meakes sense, :) )
It handles corners better, it is different than the DT, but once you figure it out it is faster! It is a mini-DH bike that rails and jumps!!!
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