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I couldn't figure out what all the letters and numbers meant on DT Swiss wheelsets. This is what DT Swiss told me:

Here is a quick breakdown on the MTB wheel naming structure:

1501: Welded rim, 240s star-ratchet hub
1700: Sleeved rim, 350 star-ratchet hub
1900: Sleeved rim, 370 3-pawl hub

Information on the hub types:

Cross Country - XRC, XR, X: Inner rim width - 22.5, 25mm
• Class-leading light, stiff & reliable wheels for leaving your competition in the dust.

All Mountain - XMC, XM, M: Inner rim width - 25, 30, 35 40mm
• Tough mountain wheels designed to handle whatever the trail may throw your way.

Enduro - EX, E: Inner rim width - 25, 30mm
• Wheels for your Enduro racing machine or for attacking the local trails.

Hybrid - HXC, HX, H: Inner rim width - 25, 30, 35mm
• Wheels designed to handle more drive torque and higher overall system weights.

Freeride/ Downhill - FR, F: Inner rim width - 30mm
• Burly wheels for some of the hardest freeride hits.

Wheels with one letter in the name (X, M, E, etc.) will always have a sleeved rim.
Wheels with two letters in the name (XR, XM, EX, etc.) will always have a welded rim.
Wheels with three letters in the name (XRC, XMC, EXC, etc.) will always have a carbon rim.

The advantage of the welded rim is that it provides more strength at a lower rim weight.

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Great info... Also something to add to the list is that the 370 3-pawl hub has a threaded drive ring in the hub shell. With the proper tools this can be removed and a new threaded hub drive ring to accept the threaded ring for the star ratchet system in the hub. Thus this would change the 370 3-pawl system to the 350/240 star ratchet system. I have done this on my M1900 rims that came on my new bike and with everything including tools, new freehub body, axle sleeve and spacer ring this cost me about $150. Major cost outside of that is the star ratchet kit but that can be found fairly easily and runs about another $100.
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