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DT Swiss Tubeless Kit Experience?

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Just wondering if anyone has run this proprietary system on their 4.1 or 4.1d rims? They claim for use only with UST tires, yet they include some sort of sealant... what's the deal with that? Anyone ever used this with some other sealant and standard tires? Thanks in advance!
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yeah tag as well. I have the 2 boxes sitting here and opened it up. It comes with tape, the rim strip and sealant. Seems like it made by Eclipse for DT, could be wrong. I was wondering, do i take off my old tape and put the ones they gave me or can i use the regular rim tape and just slap the strip on?
I've been using this set up with my Industry9 wheels for a few months now, UST and regular tires, DTs sealant and Stan's, no issues other than cost. Be careful when installing the sticky tape and rim strip.
Yep, it came with my DT swiss wheelset as ordered and all I can say is they are brilliant! Same as Stans-no-tube..
Mostly great

Love the performance of the kit. I've been running them with UST tires on DT 4.1d rims, and using Stan's sealant when you run out of the DT stuff.

Only downside is that it only comes with enough double-sided tape for 1 wheel, so if you have to take the rim strip off to fix a broken spoke, you're screwed. Most commercially available tape has adhesive that will dissolve with the ammonia-based sealant, so you have to try to get your hands on another roll of DT tape. the kit on 2 bikes and have had ZERO issues.

running Schwalbe UST on one and Hutchinson Spider UST on the other.....flawless.
The DT tubeless kit is made by Eclipse. It works great, much better than Stan's rim strip. I only used UST tires. I wouldn't try tubeless without tubeless tires. I've used the Stan's sealant but it doesn't seal up as well as the DT/Eclipse. I would recommend trying to get the Eclipse tape to replace. I tried with with just strapping tape and the rim strip slipped right out the first time it burped.
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