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DT Swiss 6.1d - Tubeless

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Want to convert my wheels to tubeless. What would be the best route for now?
There is no DT Swiss tubeless kit for this rim [unless someone knows if they are in the works? i could wait...] so my choices are either Stans or Maxxis. Which ones are better?
I was leaning toward the Maxxis, cuz they are cheaper but not sure which kit to get.
Any help would be appreciated!!!
thanks :thumbsup:
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I wouldn't try to convert these rims to tubless. I imagine that as soon as you dent the rim sidewall a tubless system might not work for long.
I'm currently running these rims tubeless with the Stan's Freeride strips and Maxxis Minion DH F/R UST tires. The rear rim has a slight dent in it (mostly straightened with an adjustable wrench) and it still holds air fine.

I think the DH strips would be better (wider) then the Freeride strips, but I had the FR ones lying around.

I'd measure the rim width and see if you can use the Maxxis strips to save money. If you do go with Stan's, call or email them to make sure you get the right ones.
thanks for the info.
I'm actually thinking about getting my I9 hubs relaced to Mavic823 if I run into problems with these tubeless kits :madman:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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