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My rear DT-Swiss 240s is coming on 5000 miles and I guess it's probably time for a rebuild.

So, I have a few questions:

  • It looks like there is a new 36 click start ratchet (seen here at Amazon for $25). Are these compatible with ALL the DT 240s? Is it this only part needed?
  • I'll probably need to replace the free-hub body. Does anyone has the right part number (it looks like there are a lot of variation of the 240s, both for road / mountain, shimano / compy). Any link to where I could get the part. Amazon has one listed here for $80, not sure it's the right one.
  • Does anyone know what the bearing dimensions are?
  • What about seals / o-rings?


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36 pt. star ratchets work great - with too much DT freehub grease they can stick, too little ...kaput - this standard issue star ratchet came from my new 240s hub & was greased properly by a DT Swiss technician

bearings are 6902 x3

the freehub in the link looks like mine - DT 240s shimano/sram 9 speed

not sure about the o rings - maybe someone can chime in :)

good luck

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culturesponge said:
there's no markings or numbers on my spare 240s freehub


found it: HWYABX00S1239S (on :)
Perfect. A few more questions:

- Does the free hub come with the bearings included?

- Your first reply lists 3x the 6902 bearing, but when I look at the exploded views (here - that's the only one I found so far) it shows only 2x of the 6902.

- Can one replace the bearings without any of the DT-Swiss special tools?

Thanks again.

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The special tools are needed more for removing the bearing out of the freehub body.

If you are replacing the freehub body, then it doesn't matter.

Yes, the 240s for pretty simple to break down like Culturesponge shows above.
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