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Hello All:

First time caller, long time listener............

I have a set of DT Swiss 240 hubs and I'm baffled by how you go about removing the axels. It seems to me that if you could remove the aluminum,knurled nut at the end of the axels, then the axel should just pull right out. But how do you loosen and remove that damn's friggin round?!:madman:
The DT website was of little help so I decided to ask the mtbr crew for some answers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...


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SS810's SS said:
To be honest....i was just curious. I was going to clean and relube the bearings, but upon closer inspection, that was not necessary.
You don't need to do that, sealed cartridge bearings.

I've had mine for three years, all I do is pull the cassette, freehub and all off, and clean and lube the racheting system. Do this maybe 4 times a years. Takes about 5 minutes. They been great hubs.

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I coincidentally just called my LBS with the EXACT same question about the Bontrager Race Lite (DT Swiss 340) hubs of mine. They said "uhhhhh, I don't know, call our other shop which has more mechanics". Not the answer I was hoping to get from the store where I bought them... like a car dealer that can't do oil changes. Once I had the freehub off, I could tell that the bearings do not need service anyway. Like you, I was more curious to know how to do it and to see if I could do it.

When buying the wheels, I do recall the shop saying that the bearings are pressed onto the axles, so it's safe to assume that you can't just pull them off without special tools as mentioned above.
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