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You posted during a holiday for many and want an answer right away? Relax and wait for people to come back. On top of that, what you want to look for is not necessarily the travel, but the axle to crown height. If I'm not mistaken, those forks are a bit short for the travel, so they're likely ok.

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I rode the Pace version of those forks on a demo bike.

They were horrid.

Set at plush they would blow straight through their travel when rolling the wheel over a drop / down a step on the trail. Not at all confidence inspiring.

Pumped up with more air to stop terminal diving, they had no small bump compliance.

Horrid forks - I wouldn't touch them without being able to properly test them to see that DT have improved the proformance Pace originally built them with.

(I do howver like Pace's coil forks)
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