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Anyone using the DT Swiss center lock adapters? I just got mine and it looks sweet.

Here is the question(s)...

Riding a rigid 29er (surly Karate Monkey)
XT center lock hub (front)
Rider weighs about 180...

Does this adapter work well?
Do you really find that there is much loosening after every 10 hours of use (when you check the torque as the adapter tells you to do...every 10 hours!)?
Does this adapter introduce much vibration in braking?
The adapter says Max rotor 210mm...but some websites post max as 200mm, I want to use 203mm, anyone see any potential problems there?

While we are at it, anyone think its a bad idea to run QR skewers on a steel rigid fork with 203mm rotors?

thanks a bunch,
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