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A little bit of everything. I though I'd get a clear shot to take a pic of the Neva Fire damage but I had to go out on Cherryvale Rd. to do that. I rode up CR67 as usual. The trail from Doudy trailhead on Eld. Spgs. Rd. is gonna close Jan. 12 so make plans.

Going up CR67 there's this cool rock area on the right. One layer is weathered like a sumb!tch but is peeling off farther up, sort of like at Dinosaur Ridge. Couldn't find any dinosaur footprints but you never know.

The deer herd up there are the usual deer-shy, but sort of tame at the same time.

The clouds were amazing today, up against the Colorado Blue Sky.

The entire Springbrook Loop (going left at the upper junction) was dry enough to say "go for it". Yeah, there was some muddy sections but not too much. The melt is on. Today, at least.
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