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Dropout pivot 08' spot question

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Hey guys,

Quick question for you. I was wiping down my 08 spot last night when I noticed a decent amount of play in the driveside dropout pivot (I think I'm referring to this correctly). I purchased this bike about 2 months ago (it was basically brand new), and have ridden it about 65-75miles/ week since. I just recently greased the zerks and everything seemed good to go, until I noticed the play last night. When I tightened the nylon lock nut, the play was still there, but when I added some grease to the zerk fitting, the play was reduced, but there is still some play there. Do I just need to purchase the xc droupout pivot kit and replace the pivots?

Thanks for any insight

Cheers and Happy New Years,
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Since the frame is, presumably, still under warranty, I'd call Turner next week and see what your options are. It could be that the pivot is worn, or it could be something else.
Probably just need new bushings for that area - they are the smallest two bushing in the suspension, and the drive side one wears out faster. You could, in the mean time, carefully push out the bushings and pair one from the worn side with one from the non-worn side [i.e. split the wear on both sides] - hopefully that will take up enuff slack til you get your new mini-kit.
Thanks Joker. I'll give it a shot. Will the bushings just pop out once I remove the nut/screw with a little force, or will I need another tool for this?
The metal barrel that resides inside the bushings will pop out [push out]. But you'll need to tap the bushings out, from each side on the inside, with some sort of not very sharp flathead screwdriver, or piece of round metal stock - there's a little gap between the two bushings, so you can get something to tap's very easy, but you have to be gentle, so you don't break the plastic bushing, or scratch up the inside bearing surface.

There's a great walk-thru on the Turner website that shows you step by step how to extract all the bushings on the bike. It's very easy to do. Have at it!
Joker gave good advice. While you have them apart you might consider swapping the pivot shafts to the other side of the frame. Hopefully that will keep you rolling till you get your replacement kit.
Quick update

Thanks everyone for the help. Just wanted to give a quick update. I recieved a new bushing kit from Turner for the dropouts yesterday. Installed it in less than 10 minutes and it's good as new. No play whatsoever.

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