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I saw this write-up on (always full of great information!), and while it certainly seems effective, the install is a less refined than I was looking for. After doing some brainstorming & measuring, I ordered a couple Wolftooth Components B-RAD 2 brackets, and mounted them on the uber-versatile dropouts, along with a bottle cage on each side.

Because the portion of the B-RAD 2 bracket that bolts to the frame is slotted, I was able to mount both of the frame mounting bolts through the bottom slot (rather than one in the top, and one in the bottom) to address the non-standard ~38ish mm C-C bolt pattern on the ECR dropouts. I did add a couple aluminum spacers on the drive side to clear the derailleur cable.

The installed Wolftooth Components brackets look classy, and are very solid...highly impressed with them. This is a very elegant solution to extra dropout-mounted water bottle cages, IMHO.

I haven't seen anyone use this solution for an ECR/Troll/Ogre, so I thought I'd share.



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