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Driving in the snow!

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Here are a few pics of my drive in to work on Sunday, Dec 27. Was a fun drive fo sure!

Driving through Lawson!
Winter Branch Lighting Overhead power line Electricity

Heading down US69 South.
Winter Branch Road Infrastructure Freezing

Driving down Parallel Parkway in KC, KS.
Overhead power line Winter Transmission tower Windscreen wiper Glass
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US 31 From Indy North to US 30 was not any better. My ambulance does not drive well in the snow and other drivers did not seem to notice the cars stuck in the ditch or the complete lack of friction you get when they scrape the snow off and leave a layer of finely polished ice.
I went to high school in northern Indiana in Bunker Hill. The snow you folks get up there makes what we get down in Missouri just a wee flurry. I remember making caves in the drifts...
I'd rather have our snow storms than the ice storms that hit KC.
Amen to that. Ice storms suck big time.
I'll take on anything! I am wishing one day I'll drive through a blizzard with the Chevy.
What I hate about driving in the winter are the people who love to leave snow/ice on their vehicle so it can fly off and give others accidents or annoy them.

Last winter some lady in a van didn't clear her passenger side window. A good chunk of it slid off and hit the front of my grill. Had to pull over to check if the left headlight cover didn't crack.

Just annoying.
Looks just like it does out my windows. HATE IT!
looks nice but i wouldn't want yo live in it maybe vist
Thanks for the reminder of how sweet desert living is.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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