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Driving directions to Wilson's Tank?

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I want to shuttle some friends up there in a few weeks and was hoping someone could help me get there. I figure it could be so easy as hanging a left off of 160 past the upper tunnel at that parking lot where the restrooms are located and just keep going for a ways, but...
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Actually, you just follow that dirt road out. You'll see a clearing on the hillside to your left and that's Wilson Tank. The question is what are you driving? I haven't rode that entire road but the few sections I've been on with my bike were pretty rugged.
2 wheel drive truck can make it no problem
The gravel road going out there is really bad since the rains...dunno if you can make it without a 4x4?


Try this..............
View attachment Out to Wilsons Tank.kmz
Thanks for the info. I have a big 4x4
You should be good to go then, The rain a few weeks ago changed the road a bit -- I've been up there in my 2 wheel drive ranger in the past, but may not be able to get up there currently.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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