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Drivetrain Upgrade Questions

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SRAM/Shimano Drivetrain Upgrade Questions

Ok, so don't everybody shoot me at once for what may seem to you all like some really stupid questions. I'm new, and I would appreciated some help from you all.

In the next few weeks I am going to be getting the Columbia Trail head disc (because I can get it only $210) which is essentially the same bike as the Iron Horse Maverick Team (Iron Horse makes them for Columbia). It has SRAM x4 shifters, and some really low end shimano derailleurs. From what I can tell it has a Suntour crank. It appears to be a the derailleur/shifter combo appear to be 7spd, and I have heard from some of my friends that race that set up will likely break soon. So, I am thinking of upgrading to an 8 or maybe 9 speed set up, most likely SRAM x7, deore, or some other middle of the road shimano set up. What exactly am I going to have to replace? Are we talking crank, cassette, both derailleurs, shifters, and cables, or can I get away with something less. When I was looking around, the rear derailleur is what concerned me most. Is there an option to replace just the derailleur? Let me know what you think.

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you will need to change the rear hub, cranks, shifters, cassette, and if the bike has combination brake, shifter levers you will need to get new brake levers as well
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