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Drivetrain setup

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yo :thumbsup:

im building on a bloodline illuminati full sus frame.
im gonna be doin steep climbs, a bit of DH and mayb some flat durin the week not much tho but would need to do 80-90rpm in a fairly easy gear on the flat for trainin.
im looking for a setup thats gonna give good ground clearance over stuff.
heres what i have in mind:

truvativ stylo team gxp 44-32-22 170mm
(im 29 inside leg, wonderin shud i go shorter on the arms)

sram X.0 derailleur and X.9 front (X.5 shifters)

wonderin what cassette to go for and whether i might be able to go for somethin thatll do wot i want and let me go for a medium cage? i could also change the cogs on the front, just 44-32-22 are easy to buy 2nd hand.

Any help much appreciated :)
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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