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Looking to do a 1x9 or 1x10 but have 9 speed shifters on my kickin Schwinn Moab hardtail, love that bike, got the charcoal original paint and red lettering and chrome highlights.

I have the FC-M571 LX Deore Hollowtech crankset. It's original when I bought the bike brand new. Crank teeth are toast now. I ride mainly trails in Houston so no major climbing but like the low gears I can get with the 22. Makes going up the tough sections in saddle more controllable.

Thinking of going with a 32 single crank made by race face, annodized red and a 9 speed cassette. I still use the original XTR rear derailleur, amazing thing keeps on doing it's thing. I'm assuming a 10speed cassette would cause problems since I use 9speed shifters. They are LX Deore. How would I figure out which crank to use and any special nuts etc?

Is there anyway to get two cranks from Race face with a gear ratio somewhere in the middle? Something like 28/38. I don't use granny gears unless maybe I ride in sand on the beach for miles but I don't dare that unless I plan on stripping down the bike to clean everything out. I'm thinking the 32 is a bit of a stretch to reach for 9speed cassette, getting into the highest gear and lowest gear. Any thoughts on this matter? Books on drivetrain for bikes to learn this stuff?
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