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Drivetrain NOOB..been serching reading "How to" 3x8 to 2x10 w/bash conversion

I know you all have covered this MILLION times but I felt my approch is a bit differnt so thought I would try and solicit some guidance from all you all drivetrain experts so here goes:

Current 3x8 recreational drivetrain is getting worn/slippin at 500miles so I am planing a drivetrain upgrade for next winter.
I plan to "deal with" my current drivetrain until then.
It's ALL gotta go byby^^

SO to run a Bash would you prefer a 3x10 with the big ring removed in favor for a bash making a 2x10?
Or 2x10 w/bash?

I am taking my time..buying one componet at a time!
I am not looking for a cheeper part but the right part!
Something trick like this:
Bottle Beer bottle Crankset Machine Bicycle drivetrain part

So would you start the collecting with CrankSet and Casset then worry about derailleurs/shifters?

I guess also I need to figure out if I am a Shimano guy or a Sram guy...hell I have no clue why I would want one over the other....

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Yeah..kinda figured it's too non specific to talk about..oh well..thanks anyway
The forum is just a little slow in the winter early spring months.

I'd personally recommend a 3x front converted to a bash + 2 rings as it is slightly cheaper since you will not need new bolts ontop of your bashring. In addition the difference between shimano and sram is feel.

Shimano = light feel
SRAM = positive engagement and takes a little more oomph to change gears but you can really feel it hit the right spot.

Cost is similar. As for upgrading drivetrain parts its usually cheaper to buy it has a group than individual parts unless you are buying closeouts and/or lightly used parts.

Shifters make more of a difference than deraileurs as to feel of the shifting. Clutch deraileurs are excellent if you want a quiet ride. So sram type 2 or the new shimanos. These are both technically only 10 or 11 speed compatiable depending on what you buy. IF you want to do some reading you can get a new shimano clutch deraileur to work with 9 speed sram shifter using either sram or shimano 9 speed gear.

Enjoy the reading. Lots on here already.

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