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It was Tuesday morning and I had plenty to do. First on the list was housework. We were expecting a houseguest and I needed to make sure the cat hair was off the guest bed. Then there were some phone calls and laundry to attend to, not to mention the general kitchen cleaning. With the FFTF approaching all of us at the 'pint residence are a little edgey and busy.

I found myself bouncing around from one project to another, unable to focus, but all the while focusing on one object. The svelte tubing and pretty powdercoat were running through my mind. I would start on the laundry and my thoughts would quickly wander to to knobby tires. Distracted i would leave the clothes unfolded to wash a pot or pan, only to find my mind on the sweeping fast singletrack. I wasn't getting anything done. Having encountered this problem before I knew I only had one option. I had to get my fix.

I left the house and looked at the clock. I had to be fast. I got to the parking lot and looked at my watch again. I knew I could get Horsethief in in under an hour, but I couldn't stop to look for eagles or appreciate the curvature of the earth and how the trails curves complimented it. It had to be business, get the goods and go. Is this the way a junky feels when they are so addicted that they don't do it for the pleasure anylonger?

I got out on the trail and ignored the few people I saw. I had to get back to my chores and work. My bike responded perfectly, as if it knew that this was something that had to be done. I have ridden the trail so often that I knew all the moves and nuances, I could keep moving quickly and so I did.

When it was done my mind felt clear and able to focus. I got back to the car and the clock told me that I was well within the time limits. Work was waiting.
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