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I've been riding my 1x11 with 28t chainring and 11x42t cassette since I bought my SC 5010c in 2015. Not a bad combo, but recently I decided I wanted to upgrade to a cogset with a 51t big cog and move up to a 32t chainring up front. Little did I realize what that would entail.
To begin with, obviously a new cassette and front ring were needed, but then came the reality check. It also meant a new shifter indexed for 12 speeds. That meant a new rear deraileur also indexed for 12. The new cassette was micro splined, so that meant a new hub, and that meant either a new wheel or a rebuild with my old rim.
There is a new Shimano 11 speed cassette that runs 10 or 11x51, but not really on the market yet, but I think it also requires a new rear "D" and is probably micro splined, so once again a new hub/wheel set up is required. And who knows. it may also require a new shifter.
Bull$hit I say.
Just another way to squeeze $$$ out of a faithful, addicted riding public.
Why can't new componentry be more compatible with old technology? Bikes and their components are getting so expensive that it's pricing people out of the upgrades that technology is developing, and I realize R and D isn't cheap, but really, $3000+ frames are common now and becoming the norm. You'd think they're gold plated.
But yeah, I'm having the local BS gather all the parts and decided for the rear wheel rebuild, so sometime soon I'll be enjoying the new drivetrain on my local trails, and hopefully can put this rant behind me in the cloud of dust that's been following me around all summer.

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I'm running Shimano's 11-spd 11-51t cassette. It's hyperglide, not microspline.
The bump to the new big cassette did require a new 12-spd der, but not a new shifter nor hub / freehub.
Only downside is that 11t small cog -- I wish it was 10t.

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I have been riding my 11-46 Shimano XT hardtail the last 1.5 weeks while my LBS has been sorting out all the racket that was coming from my rear wheel of my full suspension (which has an XX1 AXS drive train). That 11 speed climbs like a billy goat and functions flawlessly. It’s so much of a joy that today (and yesterday) I will be reaching for my hardtail, even though my blinged out full suspension is back in action, and is staring at me with a very sad, neglected look.

Same story with my old 11 speed X01 drivetrain (since gone). That was probably the best drive train I have ever had, over 25 years of biking.

For me, 11 speed drive trains hit the perfect balance of gearing, functionality and maintenance. 12 speeds have brought with them all sorts of incidental BS. That (seemingly) constantly changing B tension alone has almost landed me in the loony bin. And don’t get me going on the related issue of the chain riding on top of the lower gears for a half crank revolution or so before settling in.

User error? Probably. But I never once had any of these issues with any 11 speed - Shimano or SRAM.

And then there is the added benefit of SIGNIFICANTLY reduced cost when it comes time to replace components…
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