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Downunder 5 Spot

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Here's my latest toy......Probably built up a little heavier than most I've seen here. But I still am blown away each time I ride this thing as to how versatile it is.
Turner........Wooo Hoooo!!!

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Nice build! One question, how do you like the Sherman? I am considering that as a possibility, as they will probably be on sale for pretty cheap by the end of the year.
That has to be a pretty penny in Aussie dollars!
The Shermans are nice, though I did have a bit of trouble with them at first as they kept losing air. I do find the SPV a very good thing on a bike of this type ie long travel less bob. I got Fireflies so they are still reasonably light.
As for the $$$$.....We are the aussie importers so this is pretty much the company car!
Where abouts are you????
I am currently located in Arizona. Bike stuff is definately a lot cheaper in the US than in Australia!
I had a chance to check out the Sherman on Papa John's 5-spot yesterday. There is certainly a HUGE difference in stiffness from my Vanilla's.
The new Nixon might be a good choice, but it seems to be pretty expensive.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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