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So after a bike wash I thought it was about time I addressed the downtube protector. Wasn't particularly hanging off but like a lot of people's bikes I could see it was either not stuck on that well or was slowly coming off. Thought I'd take a couple of pic's so you can see what's required if you need to:

1st pic, you can see it attached, I then basically just pulled it off, came off easily I should add and is just stuck on with tape. Gave it a good clean as covered inside with mud.

2nd pic, you can see the inside after it's first clean, (took a couple of cleans and a good scubbing brush to get dirt out of the little hex patterns) pulled off the old sticky tape from around the edges, see that bottom left. Cleaned what sticky tape was left on the frame, decreased and washed area after that.

3rd pic, applied a strip of 3m tape around the edge of the protector. Stuck it back on the frame pressed it down firmly around edges the gave it a blast with a heat gun to make it a bit stickier.

4th pic finished, despite how it looks in the pic happy to report no gaps and fully stuck down, will now see if and how long it remains!

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