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Winter was pretty hard on the Downieville trail network, AND we are trying
to finish the North Yuba trail from town to Goodyear Bar.
We had 28 folks March 12th, and it would be great to at least match that.

from Carl Butz-
Saturday, April 30th, the SBTS will be working on either
trail maintenance or trail construction (or both, depending upon the
size of the volunteer turnout), during the day and socializing in the evening.

We'll be starting for the trails around 9 AM. If you can get here
early, since next Saturday will also be opening day for the 2005 fishing
season here, starting at 6 AM the local Girl Scout troop will be offering
hearty, "all you can eat" breakfasts (pancakes, bacon, orange, coffee) at the
Downieville Community Hall for $6. It will be a good opportunity to get
plenty of fuel for a day of trekking up and down the mountainside plus
moving dirt, rocks, and tree roots.

Hopefully it will be nice and dry during the BBQ we are planning to hold along
theYuba River Saturday evening. One way or the other, we are arranging for
space at the Forest Service barracks in Durgan Flat for those who are
in need of shelter.

Some hangovers are expected on Sunday morning, so Sunday's ride won't
start until mid-morning.


Any and all are welcome,

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