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Who knows how much longer we will be able to enjoy the current conditions in Downieville. So Brian and I took a quick trip up this weekend to see what all the hoopla is about. We didn't regret it.

We arrived around 11:30 am on Sat, and Yuba didn't have our shuttle reservations (Make sure you talk to someone to confirm your reservation before going up). We fit onto the 1:30 shuttle, which left around 2. We were on the trails by 3pm, and hauled ballz down before sunset. It gets dark very quickly in the valley so we simply did the traditional DH. We were trying to hurry and it was becoming too dark, so I don't have any pictures or useable video.

It was cool and brisk at the top around that time on Sat. We were glad we were wearing leg warmers and sleeves for our ride down. I would estimate that the temps were in the 40's.

We started early on Sun. I roamed through the town looking for coffee pre-8am. Everything was closed.

The streets were lined with Christmas Trees, put together by the local businesses and schools.

There was some ice build-up along the railing of the bridge... I had to represent.

Anyways... The shuttle wasn't full, and we got to the top around 10am. It was cold, but the weather was crystal clear and the sun felt good, even through multiple layers.

We started on Sunrise Trail. With the recent trailwork + epic trail conditions, it was a phenominal ride. I rode it on Saturday, but didn't really enjoy it until I got to ride it on Sunday morning. Before starting downhill on Sunrise, I posed for a shot with the largest piece of snow we could find.

We gathered ourselves in with a view, and then started the downward trail.

Here is a video, shot using an older (not "wide" model) GoPro Hero camera. It was mounted to my seatpost. When you see the rear wheel come into the shot, I was nearly bottoming out the 6" of rear suspension.

Sunrise Trail, Downieville, CA from Brad on Vimeo.

From the bottom of Sunrise we headed over to Pauley Creek. Along the fire road the moss on the trees was amazingly vivid.

We arrived at the beginning of the fireroad decending towards Pauly Creek, and stopped for a quick snack and a picture.

We decended down the freshly-plowed fireroad. It was only plowed less than one mile down. Then the trail returned to the old Pauley Creek rockgarden we all know and love.

Pauley Creek fireroad, Downieville, CA from Brad on Vimeo.

The creek was low and barely flowing, and the wet areas and puddles around the creek were frozen solid. Yea, it was that cold.

The view up to Big Boulder was picture perfect.

At this point my batteries in my camera died, and the video card in the GoPro was full from the previous day. :sad:

We finished Pauley, never seeing anyone else on the trail. We came across a few people when we joined in with Butcher Ranch trail. We took Second Divide this time, and the trails were carpeted in fresh fall leaves and unbelieveable trail conditions. We took our time and never saw another person along the trail.

We racked up over 37 miles with the two shuttle runs for the weekend. While it wasn't much, we were both glad that we took advantage of the weather and trail conditions.


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NoBalance said:
Great videos! I saw that camera at Sea Otter but didn't pull the trigger. Looks like the quality is great.
If you are considering them, I did a semi-formal review of the GoPro Hero (non-wide version - so the same one used here) and also the Oregon Scientific ATC-2K a while back - comparing both to an Pentax point and shoot.

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If you are considering them, I did a semi-formal review of the GoPro Hero (non-wide version - so the same one used here) and also the Oregon Scientific ATC-2K a while back - comparing both to an Pentax point and shoot.
Looks bad for images and in low light situations but the video above looks great as long as it isnt pointed backwards uphill at the sun. ;)
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