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I am currently trying to downgrade my HT LT from 150mm to 135mm of travel. I actually like the way the bike rides, just lacks a bit of pop compared to my old hightower. And now that Im getting a Nomad I want the bikes to be a bit more apart :)

Until now I though the way go was simply to get the orignal HT Link and run the DPX at 200x51. However I just go the Idea to just use some offset bushings in combination with the 200x51 shock in order to the the same/similiar results. Or even just use the LT link with a 200x51 shock. I mean the shock length is the same for both bikes..

Anybody with a bit more of a clue than me which could maybe give some input?

At the front I will be running my Fox 36 at 150mm.

Thanks for the help!
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