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Down Tube Protection for 951/Socom?

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What have you seen to help prevent dents in the down tube from rocks, etc? Need some ideas.
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Some ideas:

- 3M clear tape (used for cars/motos) [this is what I use]
- Crud guard
- aluminum sheet metal cut/bent (search MTBR or RM for pix)
- inner tube zip tied
- tire cut and zip tied
I run the Go-Ride aluminum protector. It works awesome and is light.
use either the 3m clear stuff or just duct tape, it is cheap, and protects well and will never harm the frame not to mention if it gets screwed up from shuttling it is easy to replace and keeps your bike looking brand new when you take it off. I would stay away from anything other than a tape style protector
The 3m tape doesnt protect from dents and neither will duct tape.

My downtube protector has saved my Socom a couple times. Get one. You will be happy.

Ive run one on all my DH bikes after a rock dented my downtube on my Foes Fly.

These are the best pics I have of mine.

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Handmade carbon-Kevlar protection on my Trek Session 88 DH (Epoxy Resin + Carbon fiber + Kevlar fiber)...perhaps on my next 951 (If We will have french distributor in 2009-2010...Jeff ;) )

Eric - 'Tentense

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BOS - you like!?

Intenseman, you must be really liking those BOS shocks/forks. I noted you carry them on at least two of your bikes now. How do they compare to the stuff you rode on your bikes before making the change? Do you have a comparison between the BOS s-toy and a CCDB?


P.S.: Make sure you post a comparison between the 88 DH and 951 - asap!
I saw once pictures on these forums from a downtube protector, that also protects the lower link of VPP frames. It looked like it was made out of rubber and was attached to the frame with straps similar to this Zefal Croozer mudguard:

I think it was a french company, that manufactures those protectors (or a french guy that mentionned those), Unfortunately I cannot find these pictures anywhere nor can I remember the name of the company. Anyone remembers which downtube /lower link protector this was?

Thanks in advance.


Just found what I was looking for:

More information here:
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