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Down tube frame protector/ Mudd Gaurd

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Does anyone have any experience with T.H.E. Frame fender? Does this work well? If so how much does this weigh? I am getting a New Bike soon and dont want to scratch it up too soon, yeh I know it will happen, but I want to know if this prevents rocks and debris from kicking up pretty well. If other product is out there let me know.
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I simply zip-tie a length of inner-tube around the bottom of my downtube. Works great, doesn't way much at all (especially if you use an ultra-light inner tube and skinny zip-ties), and looks pretty darn cool in, a ghetto kinda way.

I do the same thing as a chain-stay protector. I really like the way it looks; kinda home-brew/sreet-cool. FWIW.

I use the 3M tape on all of my frames. The tape is about 3mm thick and protects the frame from most deflections etc. You can get it from most moto cross bike shops,
I have one. It's perfomance in marginal. Not nearly as good as a 'real' front fender.
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