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I have gotten lost a couple times in Douglas and I swear I'm reading the map correctly.

If you take the Midstate South from the Rte. 16 parking lot until you take the really rocky singletrack to the right before the main trail junction, where does that take you? On the map it goes all the way to the west of the park. There is only 1 right hand turn on the entire trail to head toward a Rte. 16 crossing, but I didn't take it and followed the trail to the end.

According to the map, at the end if take a left you cross the Midstate again near a road crossing. This is not what actually happens, and in fact I ended up on an old wood road, crossing many logged areas, and end up near the Tristate marker and end the bottom of a very long hill.

If this makes sense to any locals or folks who know where I'm going wrong, let me know. Thanks.
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