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Hello Like Minders. As riders - I thought you all might appreciate what I'm trying to do and hopefully jump on the soapbox.

If you're a biker, (skier, boarder, skater, etc),like me, you hate to hear of a bike theft or worse yet, you've had it happen to you. Me too. Quite a while back, my 6-ride old Specialized FSR was stolen out of my locked basement. I immediately launched into what has been my personal campaign against Bike Theft for the past 9 years. Yeah that experience sticks with you, doesn't it? :madmax:

The whole concept has since evolved into more of an effort to grow an active & targeted community to serve as an Amber Alert for your bike (skis/board,kayaks,etc) to help recover stolen property. With a large enough group [army] keeping an eye out for your gear, coupled with the true connectivity functions of today's social media, we CAN recover stolen gear. All while shining a light on these types of thefts. Who knows, maybe we can even put a few of these criminals behind bars. How cool would that be?

So if you have a moment, please check out what I'm trying to do and let me know what you think. is coming online within 2 weeks, but if you'd like to join up [enlist], you can create an account in 2 seconds and be registered when we come online. FacebookConnect will also be in place to easily populate your profile.

Thanks so much. I appreciate any feedback, comments, thoughts or offers help to promote this effort through both & I could use all the help I can get to get the word out there! :cornut:

Know anyone looking for a virtual internship?

@ Ease
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