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MUD KING said:
Who here loves Frank Zappa.

My favorite CD: Frank Zappa Played By Frank Zappa.

This CD was made by his son after his parting.

What's your favorite Zappa CD?
Hot Rats is the best album musically, but I love Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation overall the best due to the great music and lyrics. 200 Motels is an awesome movie, but the soundtrack isn't that great on its own. Joe's Garage rocks. With over 200 albums to his name, i'm sure I'm missing some great Zappa albums.

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My favorites:

Sheik Yerbouti
Roxy & Elsewhere
Joe's Garage
Live at Filmore East 1971
Apostrophe/Over-nite Sensation
The Grand Wazoo
One Size Fits All
Zoot Allures
Baby Snakes

I'm a big fan of the era starting with Flo & Eddie and up to (but not including) the introduction of Chad Whackerman on electronic drums. I don't like the Avant Guard/Noise/Orchestra stuff either.

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I don't like the Avant Guard/Noise/Orchestra stuff either.[/QUOTE]

I find it amazing how how such an amazing rocker can also conduct an orchestra following his crazy beats and rythms.

The man was so ahead of his time. Still is.

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Not a "fan" but I dig his vibe

In high school one of my metalhead buddies (hardcore hairband dude, circa 1984-86) was also heavily into the "alternative" music none of his friends would touch with a ten foot pole. I'm talking Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bob Marley, Toots & the Maytalls, etc.

His band got in tight with a local DJ who set them up with a guest spot on the favorite Saturday night radio show, and each band member got to play ten of their favorite songs - no censorship (a rarity in North Dakota let me tell you). Of course the other guys' choices were laced with Dio, Motley Crue, etc. Jason's first song was dedicated to his imaginary dog, Grover - and especially appropriate for our harsh winter. "Don't Eat Yellow Snow".

My mind was blown.

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Big Zappa fan here. The man was so far ahead of his time I don't think we'll ever catch up. Can't pick any favorites, too much to choose from. Been diggin' his orchestral stuff lately
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