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Done with tubeless

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Saturdays ride was interupted with a small sidewall cut right next to the rim on the front tire. Luckily I was carrying an extra 29r tube.

Then lucky again, I picked up a couple of more 29r tubes because this morning riding on pavement my rear went POP! Dangit if I wasn't real glad I threw one of those tubes in my toolcase before I left this morning. These tires are only 3 weeks old, I just wouldn't expect to blow the tire of the rim like that. There was only 50lbs of air in it. In the process it also bent my rim up a bit. Last time I had a blow out like that though, the sidewall of the rim got bent in and it only lasted about a month after that. This time it looks like the rim is just warped a bit.
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How is this indicative of a problem with tubeless setups?
I only have 26ers, and recommended limit for tubeless is 40psi.

I actually run tubes for that reason, so I can get it to 50psi.
Just means that it's not for me. It just seemed like everyone I talked to who ran tubeless really liked it, and didn't have any complaints. However after only 3 weeks of being tubeless on the new bike, I don't think I'm that into it. Not if these sort of failures are what I'm going to have to deal with all the time.
You need a lot more resolve to stay with tubeless :).

Your rim and tire do not fit for tubeless. It needs to be a very tight fit. If it is loose, it's very dangerous. What rim and tire?
sanjuro said:
I only have 26ers, and recommended limit for tubeless is 40psi.

I actually run tubes for that reason, so I can get it to 50psi.

I used to run 50 and even 60 psi because I wanted to be fast. Semi slicks too.

These days, I run about 22-24 psi and am way faster and have more control too. Just something to consider when pumping up the psi.
That may very well be part of the issue. In dealing with both tires, neither needed a lever or even any strong force to mount or dismount.

Mavic 719's (non UST)
Rear is SB8
Front is Eskar
Geez man why do you put 50psi in a tubeless tire?!?!?! No wonder it blew off the rim.
Well. I went for 50 this morning because of commuting. I guess it's a mindset, because I used to run with 60-65 all the time on my 26" tires.
Im with you Astrahsburg, tubeless has proven itself to be too unreliable for my riding needs.

Roll on!
Tubless setups will be a passing fad like purple ano and 29ers.

But if you are sticking with it try running at a lower PSI like FC said.
I don't know if it would be a passing fad. I definately don't think 29er's are a passing fad, I love mine. Don't really know about puple anno though, haven't even seen enough of it to be a fad I guess. And enough people with tubeless are happy for it not to be a fad as well. I'm just not sure it's for me.
Baycat is a passing fad as well. Don't worry... :)
Stans straight up says not to run more than 40psi tubeless on their mountain setups. You can go higher with tubes in them. but yeah, you need resolve to get started. plus you are running the conversion kit in a non tubeless rim, right (or am I thinking of someone else)?

8 different wheels setup over the past 3 years with stans, and 2 with bontrager. With the exception of sidewall tears, Only had 1 flat with a Stans setup which has been running fine since re-airing (after finishing the ride with a tube), and 1 flat with a Bontrager setup (which I think had to do with a bad rim strip which still wont seal),
Oh, and 26" tubes fit in 29er rims
So, it sounds like a non UST rim, is not really a way to go, since they likely are not going to give the tire as tight of a fit as it needs. There's still the issue of sidewall tears though.
astrahsburg said:
Rear is SB8
Front is Eskar
IMHO, Ust rims and tires are the way to go. If you wanna go tubeless. Tubeless takes some trial and error unless you do right the first time. (ust + ust imho)

Heavy (200lbs +) or agressive riders and flimsy non-ust tires generally do not work that well. Even with high psi there is not enough sidewall and the beads just doesnt lock the tire to the rim like it should.

Were you using sealant? even so, I do not trust flimsy lightweight tires.

Those 2 tires are prone to holes. It is recommended to use sealant with them.
If using non-ust tires and rims you should use sealant.

You also mentioned the tires fit loose on the rim, not a good sign either.

After you destroy that 719 step it up to a XM819 with ust tires and you will be good to go.
Not to mention it is MUCH stronger rim.

Why did you change to tubeless?? Were you getting flats with tubes?

If you were flatting with tubes, make sense to switch to UST. Otherwise you could stick with tubes.

With tubes, I personally would flat literally every ride. (sometimes front and rear tires)

Switching to proper tubeless setup has worked wonders on my mtb and CX bike.
Stans strip + tubeless ready tires
ust rims and tires. (works great even with zero sealant)

Using non-ust tires, nevegal, sb8, maxxis 2.35. All FAIL for me.

Only downside on the ust setup I have found, is if you let the pressure go too low and land a drop sideways.

Can burp. I check the air pressure before every ride and I have had good luck.
(I do carry tubes to be safe)

The other pro is that tubeless is faster. I have timed myself with tubes and without and the difference is impressive. Even though my tubeless tires are about a pound heavier than lighter tire + tubes. And that is comparing times without flatting on tubes.

Most importantly you gotta run what you feel confident on.
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astrahsburg said:
So, it sounds like a non UST rim, is not really a way to go, since they likely are not going to give the tire as tight of a fit as it needs. There's still the issue of sidewall tears though.
I got started on 717s with a conversion kit, and it held up fine until I tore a sidewall (rider error + weight weenie tire). Then went to 29ers and have always been tubeless.
Mavic 719's non-UST?
If you aren't running UST aren't running tubeless. That is Tubeless-lite and you're asking for the issues you're having. Simply put, the non-UST tires don't interlock with the non-UST of course at 50psi you're going to blow them off the rim. Sticky Stans won't solve that.
I've run UST since they came out 10 years ago and swear by it. I don't consider 10 years to be a passing fad.
Yes I'll puncture or tear a sidewall every once in a while (same thing happens w/tubed tires)...but I swear you can tear through rock gardens w/out snake bite worries and they roll so much more evenly. There's no irregular 'womp-womp' that a tube causes.
Not much UST offerings in the 29er format yet?

Isnt the Crossmark the only one.
True UST tubeless is awesome.

Great ride, great grip, no sealant, no rim strip, no burps.

Highly recommended.

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