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To start with, I do not work for nor am I affiliated in any way with Amazon. The reason I am posting this is simply that I think this is a neat way to get much needed donations to mountain bike advocacy groups.

I went to the regular Amazon website today to check on an order and a window popped up with a notification on this donation program Amazon is running, AmazonSmile. I guess the idea here is when you shop at a subsite of Amazon,, they will donate 0.5% of your purchase amount on eligible items to the charitable org of your choice.


I put in "IMBA" in the search box to see what would return and this is what I got:


I then searched for "mountain bike" and I got a list of MTB advocacy groups across the country, including some located here in Nor Cal.



I purchase a lot of stuff on Amazon, and if some of the money I spend can go to help MTB trail access, trail maintenance, and advocacy then I am all for participating.
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